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What We Do

Inspirationholiday is an alternative and innovative concept of holiday. It has been conceived as a pure passion for travelling, experiencing and getting in touch with true emotions, real territory customs and traditions, unrevealed beauties, unique flavours.

No mankind can create a such beautiful masterpiece: Calabria. You can just be astonished by it!

What We Propose

Travel is the only think you buy that makes you richer and this is so! Calabria is not just a place, the “toe” of South Italy, but it is a land that has to be discovered and enjoyed in each corner, from the top North to the bottom South, from East to West.

Its peculiar territory, its different civilizations, its weather and diverse and breath-taking landscapes, the Green Heart, 800 km coasts, the small villages, the art & culture as far as the wine and food are just some of aspects you can experience.

What We Offer

Travel is not just a journey for a short and limited period but it has to be conceived as a progress, an improvement and enrichment of our spirit and mind. The charm consists in the peculiarity of being unique, of offering something different than the usual tours.

This website is a pure and mere inspiration that want to show you a mysterious and stunning place, reveal its secrets and natural beauties, claim its extraordinary territory and heritage and give you the chance to bring home a part of this Treasure.


  • Sea ( 100% )
  • Mountain ( 90% )
  • Archaelogy ( 90% )
  • Gastronomy ( 90% )

Our team

Maria Teresa Mauro
Travel consultant
Arturo Salerno
Web marketing specialist