Adventure at the core at the Calabrian Canyons

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Exactly in the middle of Calabria, at the feet of the Sila of Catanzaro, in the magnificent area of Sersale, surrounded by a monumental and artistic patrimony, the Calabrian Canyons: a very suggestive and fascinating naturalistic paradise!

Uncontaminated spaces enclose enchanting falls, inestimable and unique variety of flora and fauna, a treasure of biodiversity, breath-taking views and much more… These are the Calabrian Canyons! Welcome to the Valli Cupe! The scenery is composed by high and huge walls, irregular and unreachable, with several clefts, dig by atmospheric agents … the perfect kingdom for the numerous birds.

This Canyon, unique in Italy for its geomorphological features, is prosperous of plants of rare beauty such for example the Woodwardia radicans (a species of fern typical of Atlantic islands and Southwestern Europe), a true living exemplar, whose traces belong to 350 Million years ago.

And the fauna is an another important example or rare species such as the eagle owl, the imperial crow, the Egyptian Vulture, a particular species of Salamander, the kestrel. The mystery and charm of this wild place perfectly merge with the ancient legend of the lost city of Barbaro, the old Zagarise.

A fascinating adventure at the core in its pure essence…!!!

Place: Sersale
Impression & Feelings: Adventure
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