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Calabria with its 1,000 faces and 100 scenarios, all perfectly merged like pieces of a puzzle: an authentic collage of the  various landscapes and  historical heritage. Calabria got appeal to be discovered, wilderness and beauty to be explored!

So the tour starts from the very top with the Pollino Mountain, at the border with Basilicata:  the highest peak reaching around 2,250 meters (7,500 feet), immense valleys, breath-taking views over an uncontaminated and wild nature, beech trees, rare plant and animal species.

By climbing down this Nature Masterpiece, we are in the Orsomarso, similar to the Pollino for its aspect and landscapes, part of The Pollino National Park where rare species of animals and plants can be admired. Recently discovered, this part of the  Calabrian mountain is a pure tour in the wilderness: variety of landscapes, immense valleys and high peaks, rocky canyons and impenetrable woods. The Northern part is enriched with 2 valleys: the River Lao and Argentino Stream valleys, now part of the 15 Natural Reserves of Italy in Calabria.

Then the Sila and still, in the narrowest part of Calabria, between the Marcellinara Isthmus, i.e. only 35 km between the 2 Calabrian Seas (The Ionian and the Tyrrhenian),  leaving the long  and beautiful beaches of Soverato and Tropea, crossing the ridge  of connection between Monte Covello  and Monte Coppari, you reach the Serre, known  for the  impressive amount of porcini mushrooms and the immense valley of Serra San Bruno.

The tour terminates with the last for order (but not for importance) end destination for all the excursions and rural tourism passionates: the majestic and impressive Aspromonte, theCalabrian Dolomites, whose main features are the sharp granite cliffs. Its tallest peaks are around 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) and the park is a giant pyramid with thick stretches of trees (beech, black pine, chestnut, and white fir), almost tropical vegetation, and many rivers, offering a spectacular 360 °C view over the 2 seas: The Ionian and the Mediterranean, the Etna Mountain and Aeolien Islands.

Come to explore this uncontaminated beauty!

Place: Pollino
Impression & Feelings: Mountain
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