Colours & Trends being fascinated by the Carnival Festival Folklore

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And after only 2 months the Christmas festivity has gone, just before the Lent period that precedes the Easter, it is time for the Carnival, the funny and coloured festivity where the weird becomes normal and the joke is a must.  Its celebration goes back to the Greek Dionysian rituals and Roman Saturnalia and its peculiarity is the subversion of the normal and established order of things.

Calabria got its own tradition and peculiarity in the celebration. And 2 villages can be considered as the best Carnival representations in Calabria and South Italy.

The eldest and more peculiar one is that in Castrovillari, small town in front of the magnificent and impressive Pollino mountain, where you will not just take part to a mask parade, but will be a witness of a theater representation. In fact, Carnival got a folkloristic tradition in Calabria, where the parade is accompanied by dancing and singing. A tradition as old as the introduction of this celebration at the time of the Bourbons. On the stage you cannot miss the Calabrian typical mask, Giangùrgolo, or better Gianni The Greedy for his funny way of being always hungry and insatiable. He represents the typical Spanish Gentleman, fat and greedy, without no respect of other people and … always ready to get what he wants!

And why not  participate in the suggestive Carnival in Amantea? Sea village whose Carnival tradition goes back to 1635 where the nobles introduced the mask and the mask ballet to celebrate this pagane festivity. In the last year it is considered one of the most fascinating and charming of South Italy.

And in addition to these 5 days, full of jokes, masks, dancing and songs… a rich food tradition that has as main ingredient the pork meat. And if you visit and partecipate to the crazy, funny Carnival in Amantea, you cannot miss to try its famous and traditional dish of this festivity: the Frittata, made with smashed and fried eggs.

Come and experience an alternative Carnival!

Place: Amantea
Impression & Feelings: FOLKLORE
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