A Cunfrunta a face to face with a tradition old as the Christian time

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According to the Christian Catholic tradition, Easter is the celebration of the Risen Jesus Christ, a day full of joy, love and harmony. In Calabria, especially in the province of Catanzaro, Vibo Valentia  and Reggio Calabria, the celebration of this festivity got a special ritual as old as the Christian time.

You can even smell the joy and glory of this special moment in which the Virgin Mary, sad and afflicted by the notice that her Son was unfairly killed, runs to Him as  Saint John announces The Risen. This tradition goes back to the far 17th century, when Calabria was dominated by the Bourbons, who decided to give a profound colour to this festivity by evoking the pure meaning of this special Sunday.  

A Cunfrunta(literally encounter, awareness of the fact that Christ has risen) is the representation of the encounter between the Virgin Mary, accompanied by Saint John,  and the Risen Jesus Christ.  In some villages, where this moment is still strongly felt, such as in Badolato, Isca sullo Ionio, Gasperina, Stalettì and Brognaturo this is an event you cannot absolutely miss. Even if you are not Catholic, you have to experience  at least once in your lifetime! True and deep emotion evoked by the reliving of the encounter, symbol of peace and love, a taste that reminds an ancient time, a legend  or a belief,  still the pure meaning people want to feel and experience to really understand this festivity.

As all Festivities, Easter ends up with a wealthy banquet where typical recipes  play a main role on the tables. Each of it belonging to a different culture or civilization, with its unique taste between history and myth.

Place: Badolato
Impression & Feelings: Tradition
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