A natural picture. The vivid colours and shames of an awaking nature

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Springtime got a magic effect in itself as nature slowly awakes from the long and cold winter season: colours and fragrances inebriate the air, as the sun shyly warms up the atmosphere and brings back the sweet melody of the birds on the trees. The snow leaves the top hits of our charming mountains: Sila, Catena Costiera, Serre and Aspromonte  and all around is a natural picture with vivid colours and shames framed by the deep and crystal turquoise waters of the 2 seas: the Thyrrenian and the Ionian.

The springtime is the beginning of a new season and it has always been a special moment since the ancient times when people used to celebrate with special dances and songs as a wish of a prosperous agricultural season, in particular in the countryside and small villages on the top of the hills and mountains, where people finally left the fireplace to go out and breathe the awaking nature.

“ Calabria in Springtime is a heaven of colours and scents … …It is a fragrance mix of blooming juniper and elderberry, origan and licorice, mint and wild mallow … spreading over the top hills, blown by the gentle marine breeze… “as  the Italian writer, Carmine Abate, used to describe Calabria in his La Collina del Vento.

For this reason it is the right time for a bike ride across the green and endless hills of blooming olive trees, the plant from which our Green Gold derives or across the immense valleys of our mountains and then stop to drink the fresh and pure water from one of our sources or even go and discover a beautiful medieval village, its history and its secret and unrevealed beauty, experience the simple life of simple people … artists of quaintness with their handicrafts made with ceramics, wicker, wood sculpture and fine fabric for precious dresses.

The Springtime is awakening .. so just let your 5 senses awake by discovering new emotions in magic and secret places.

Place: Serre
Impression & Feelings: Nature
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