The Coast of the Gods the Caribbean of Calabria

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Located in the South Tyrrhenian Sea, the Coast of the Gods, or Costa Bella, is the top tourist destination in Calabria. The 55 km long coast, bordering the so called Horn of Calabria starting from Nicotera to Pizzo on the Tyrrhenian Coast,  is a  long string of white sand beaches follow one another with jagged rocks only accessible on foot or by boat. It was baptized as the Coast of the Gods for its suggestion and beauty, comparable to the Caribbean for evoking an imaginary or dream reality: the crystal clear turquoise waters, long and white beaches, marvellous forms of life and spectacular views on the Aeolien Islands and the Stomboli Volcano, only 30 km far away from the Calabrian Coast.

Ideal location for the dream holiday lovers. You can choose between sea, culture, medieval and charming places, diving with its extraordinary sea flora and fauna or many others sea activities.

Pizzo, the fishing village that looks like a terrace over the sea with its famous Piedigrotta Church, TropeaCapo Vaticano are just few of the top destination for this fantastic and enchanting tour to discover the Calabrian Caribbean while  also experiencing the long-time particular culinary tradition as well. A 360°C tour in a suggestive place that is an extraordinary location for all the sea lovers!

Place: Coast of the Gods
Impression & Feelings: Sea
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