The Jasmine Coast a smell of beauty the Fragrance of our perfumes is in Calabria!

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On the bottom South Ionian Sea, the Jasmine Coast or Riviera, stretching for almost 90 km with low and sandy beaches, often enclosed by high cliffs, overlooking the sea. The name of the Riviera derives from the cultivation of jasmine plant, climbing beautiful and delicate, whose fragrance spreads out over the entire province of Reggio Calabria.  The flowers of Jasmine, together with those of bergamotto are exported to France and used for the preparation of perfumes.

From Riace to Locri, Punta Stilo and Capo Teulada,  it covers a stretch of the Calabrian coast, characterized by hills and green terraces rich in citrus (especially Bergamot) and olive trees that reach the heart of the Aspromonte National Park.

An inspiration with a unique suggestion, a tour across intact, rural places full of history and myth, where culture and natural beauties perfectly merge in a picture full of charmand astonishment.

Locri is a must destination with one of the most important Archaeological National Park, a witness of the Greek colonization and just to mention some other historical evidences, worthy of fascine and charm as well,  the  interesting excavations of Kaulon and Monasterace, today the old town of Gerace, the city of  hundred churches, and Stilo with the famous  La Cattolica.

Sea, history, gastronomy all in one!

Place: Jasmine Coast
Impression & Feelings: Sea
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