The Sila, where nature has no competitors

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The Sila Mountain got a mysterious and fascination since the ancient times. The first place where Greeks came to shepherd and where they were astonished by the big woods and the beauty of its wild nature. For some features it reminds the beautiful landscape of North Europe  …just think about the Scottish Highlands.

Sila expands from North to South and is composed by Sila Greca (Greek Sila), Sila Grande (Big Sila) and Sila Piccola (Small Sila) covering a huge internal area of Calabria from North Cosenza to Catanzaro.

Each part is exemplar and unique for its aspect.

So if you just love mountain and you want to be inspired from a unique and different landscape, Sila is the right place for your winter holiday. You can just relax surrounded and be fascinated by its purity and wildness. Different colours and landscapes all in one. The white and soft snow covering the high secular trees, the iced and wonderful lakes, the ski valleys are the portrait of a perfect place, where nature has no competitors at all!

And if you love winter sports and activities, well you cannot miss it! Skiing, ciaspola excursion (particular snowshoes for trekkers), trekking, horse riding, squad excursions, long walks. And if you are also a nature lover, you cannot miss a visit at Sila National Park, or just looking for relax, well then get astonished by the the breathtaking views in a chalet, experience the simple life and traditions,  by tasting the typical Sila winter food & drink products.

Pick up one and get ready for this experience….


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