Badolato – a smell of the past

How do people from small villages in Calabria prepare for the Easter celebration? Well, many  of the small  places on the top hills of the Catanzaro area, overlooking the Ionian Sea, are very suggestive  for their traditions, where time seems to have stopped to a remote era in the past and the magic you breathe is unique.

The charming Badolato, the small Medieval village with its Byzantine origins and its numerous churches arranged in a shape of a Latin cross ,  is one of the stop you cannot miss by discovering Calabria from top North to bottom South.  By walking through its small paths, you will be astonished by its architecture and many ruins and witnesses of the Byzantine era. And if you walk up to the top, a wonderful and breathtaking panorama discloses to your eyes: The Ionian Coast with ist beautiful beaches, the green hills with their numerous olive trees, vineyards and the Serre Mountains just on the back.

Smell the springtime flavours in the air and enjoy traditional fine food while having a chat with the local people that will be happy to tell you old stories of their origins and tradtions, still live in their daily life.

Well, Easter and its Cunfrunta is an event that you should not miss in Badolato, the representation of the Encounter between the Virgin Mary and the Risen Jesus Christ. And even if you are not Catholic, you will be touched by it!

So what are you still waiting for?


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