Let’s go crazy for the Carnival!

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Have you ever thought to experience a traditional folkloristic event in its all? Well,  if your answer is so, then you need to come and live the Carnival in Calabria, the funniest pagane festivity where the weird becomes normal and the joke is a must!

Each village, town got its own celebration. Along the main streets parades, popular songs and dances, traditional and alternative masks are what you can see and experience. 5 full days where everything is allowed, no matter how old you are!

In particular, the Carnival in Amantea, one of the best in Calabria together with the one in Castrovillari, is something you cannot miss if you like this festivity.

The preparation of the wagons, carrying the caricature of politicians, famous people or cartoons characters that will take part to the parade starts at the beginning of the year, where every one in the town is involved and gives their contribution to win as the best wagon of the year. People think about a character to represent, and then they have to choose the right costumes and then the music and the choreography. Everything has to be perfect!

And here we are at the parade on the Carnival Sunday! A real procession of masks, dances, folklore and much more. The parade starts very early in the afternoon and ends up very late in the evening, when the best wagon is awarded as the best of year and the Carnival Puppet  is burnt in front of  his wife, the Lent that will soon takes his place.

So music, dancing, masks, songs and food! Yes, I forgot to mention it! Carnival got a rich culinary tradition as well…you got a selection of dishes (most of them made with the pork meat, according to the Calabrian tradition in this periodo of the year) and sweets. Carnival, infact, is also the festivity in which you are allowed to eat and drink everything you want without limits. So together the parade of masks, you will have a parade of food and typical preparations!

No matter if you are old or young, if you wear a mask or not. If you like partying and want to experience a folkloristic and modern Carnival celebration at the same time, then this is time to try the Calabrian Carnival!

Come and discover it!


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