Easter celebration – ‘A Naca in Catanzaro

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The Holy Week in Calabria is a commemoration of the latest days before Jesus’s death on the Good Friday where in Catanzaro, the capital of Calabria, a processional event takes place every year to remind the tragic event.

Catholic religion is strongly felt in Calabria and celebrations in different places are the evidence of this fact. They are still the same since ancient times and every year they are successful for the suggestive atmosphere they create and for the high participation among people.

In the city centre of Catanzaro, the Byzantine city of Calabria, famous for its bridge ( the second highest in Europe)  you can still watch and take place to its famous religious event on Good Friday.

The event is called ‘A Naca, litterally the cradle (deriving from the Greek Naché) in which a statue of the dead Jesus Christ laid  and is transported through all the city centre. It is a living representation of the Stations of the Cross that recalls the last sad moment of Jesus Christ.  At one point in the event, a bleeding Jesus Christ is preceded by two thieves and their crosses, with three Marias sombrely following behind him. It is a solemn moment for everyone in attendance and for a brief moment, the streets of downtown Catanzaro are quiet.

This ancient celebration dates back to the Middle Age, when originally the Naca was transported by the artisans and farmers through all the streets of the city centre. Today the security force have this role.

A very suggestive processional event for devoted and  participants.

After that all people return to their homes and start their preparations for the Easter ‘s A Cunfrunta event and the Easter Monday (the so called Pasquetta).

What else can you experience in Calabria? Come and discover it!



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